Making Banana muffins!

This afternoon we have all had a lot fun making a banana muffins. We had to follow instructions in order to make them. Do you know ingredients are in banana muffins?

Using drama to retell key events from Macbeth!

This morning in literacy we have used our plan we created on our own version of Macbeth to create our own video. How would you do a video for Macbeth?

Order of operations!

Today we have been looking at order of operations. We have learnt we have to follow the correct order or we know we will not get the correct. We know we have to follow BODMAS. Do you know what BODMAS is?

Settings ourselves goals!

This afternoon we had a group discussions on goals and targets we wanted to give ourselves. As well as achieving these by the time we finish school. Do you have any goals in your learning?

To recognise where places fit within a wider geographical context!

This afternoon we were given a couple of maps and we had to label them. Do you know where Telford is on the map?

Feelings associated with loss

Today we were given a page out of  a book and then had to highlight the words we associate with loosing something that is special to us. Do you know any feelings associated with loss?


This afternoon we have had a lot of fun outside doing P.E. We all warmed up correctly by running through the cones. Then we enjoyed practising our hockey skills. We passed the ball, dribbling the ball and travelling with a hockey stick. Do you enjoy playing hockey?

Understanding how a characters actions can change due to events!

This week we have been reading Macbeth, we had really enjoyed it. We have been looking at the characters and the storyline as well as the meaning behind the story. Today we have been looking at how a characters actions can change due to events. Do you know any characters from Macbeth?

Using negative numbers!

This morning we have been looking at word problems. We have been able to write the method to calculate differences. We used a number line to calculate differences and we were able to count through 0. Do you know how to use a number line to calculate differences?

Researching Charles Darwin and Mary Annings!

This afternoon we have been given the task to research Charles Darwin and Mary Annings. Then we have been creating presentations on the research we have gathered. Do you know who is Mary Annings?