Practising our cricket skills!

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This afternoon we have been practising our cricket skills. This included over arm throws as well as working as a team to complete the task . Do you play cricket?


Making bread and butter pudding!

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This morning we have worked as a group and followed step by step instructions to make bread and butter pudding. Have you tried bread and butter pudding?


Operation Christmas Child!

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This afternoon we have had a lot of fun wrapping our shoe boxes ready for Operation Christmas Child. Which country do you think our shoeboxes will be sent to this year?


Writing a recount of events!

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This morning we have written a diary recount on the story called War Boy. We wrote down the events in chronological order and ensured we used a clear structure. As well as using key features of a recount and using … Continue reading

Remembrance Day!

This morning we had an assembly for Remembrance Day to remember those who fought in the war. We had a 2 minute silence to pay our respect. Every class had produced a wreath with a poppy done by each individual with a message on. As well as producing our own designs of poppies. Did you do a 2 minute silence?

Creating a blackout poem!

This morning in Literacy we have been creating a blackout poem. We used the poem we produced yesterday and turned it into a blackout poem. Blackout poems are created through small paragraphs. You colour in the words and phrases you do not want and then you are left with a blackout poem. Do you what a blackout poem is?

Rugby tournament!

This afternoon KS2 have taken part in a rugby tournament. We would like to say well done to everyone who took part. Have you taken part in a tournament before?

Farming Award!

This afternoon we have been working towards our farming award. We have been been investigating all the jobs in the food and drink industry. Do you know how many jobs are available?


Identifying and exploring language features of war poetry!

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This morning we have looked at a war poem and identified language features used. These included similes, metaphors and personification. We are  able to explain the impact of figurative language and create our own too. Do you know language features?

Identifying qualities of a good friend!

This afternoon in PSHE we have discussed and looked at qualities of a good friend. We then wrote our own acrostic poem, this links to our literacy as we are currently looking at poems. Do you know what a acrostic poem is?