Year 6 SATS!

We would like to say a massive well done to year 6 for completing their SATS this week. They have all worked very hard on their Maths and Literacy, well done.

Ginger Millet Porridge!

This afternoon we have had a lot of fun making ginger millet porridge. We had to read instructions to complete the task. Have you made porridge before?


This afternoon we all had a lot fun taking part in a game of rounders. We worked together as a team to play the play. Have you ever played rounders?



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This afternoon we have enjoyed doing some planting. We have planted broad beans and tomatoes . We have discussed how to plant them and followed instructions to complete the task. We work as part of a group to complete the … Continue reading


Controlling aspects of a game!

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This afternoon we have been given the challenge on scratch and swift playgrounds. We had to communicate with the computer and enter commands in to move objects. Have you been on scratch before?


This afternoon we have been discussing the word courage. We have been describing courage as aa quality which can be developed from different experiences. What does courage mean to you?


This afternoon we have been taking part in dodgeball. We know we must warm up and cool down when exercising. have you ever taken part in dodgeball?

Locating China and its main cities on a world!

This afternoon we have been locating China and its main cities. We looked at what the main cities were China, the main mountains and key tourist attractions. Do you know any key tourist attractions in China?

SPaG revision!

This morning we have been doing SPaG revision.  We have been practising to read the questions independently. We know tat the answer should be linked to the question as well we are able to choose an answer from multiple question. Do you know what a preposition is?

Solving word problems!

This morning in Maths we had to follow instructions given in an question to answer a question. Do you know what word problems are?