Last Day

We would just like to say a massive good luck to all of Class 9 that left today. We hope you have an amazing six weeks holiday. What have you got planned for the holidays?


Today Class 9 researched different recipes that they could make this week. They had a budget of £5. After hearing everybody’s choices they decided on Rice Krispie cakes. What receipe did you choose?


Class 9 have been busy making individual keepsakes to remember their time at Wombridge Primary School. What are you favourite memories of Wombridge Primary School?


Today was Class 9’s last day of swimming at Wombridge Primary School.  It was a fun swim so they had floats, balls and practiced their diving skills. How has your swimming improved?


This morning the whole school took part in the throwing competition.  A student from class 9 was crowned the KS2 winner with them reaching 24 metres.  Well done to everyone that took part.What distance did you reach? 

High Jump

This morning the whole school competed in the High Jump. One of our students from year 6 was crowned the winner. Well done to everyone that took part. How high did you jump? 

Sports Day 

Today was sports day.  Green group were crowned the winners. Well done to everybody that took part!How did you get on in your races?

Sports Day

This afternoon Class 9 went outside with the rest of the school, to practicse for sports day tomorrow. Which race are you doing?

Islamic Tiles

This afternoon in Art, Class 9 painted their Islamic tiles.What pattern did you have on your tile?


Today in P.E class 9 practiced their running skills ready for sports day.Can you remember what races you did last year?