Creating a recount!

This morning we were given the challenge to create a recount of the experience Olive has of the evacuation. We explored the features of a diary and linked formal and informal language.

Class Projects!

We have brought in our class projects on WW2. We have all done different pieces of work for our class project related to WW2. What would your project be on WW2?

What was the role of the music in WW2?

This afternoon we listened to a pieces of WW2 music and answered the questions related to the music. What was the role of the music in WW2?

Making beetroot and chocolate cake!

This morning we all took part in making beetroot and chocolate cake. We all ensured we followed the step by step instructions as well as ensuring we used the right measurements. We talked about it is okay to have a treat in moderation. Have you ever tried beetroot and chocolate cake?

Mile a day!

This afternoon we did the mile a day. We talked about how to stay healthy in and outside of school. Do you do the mile a day?

Inferring information about electricity!

This afternoon we were doing a reading comprehension in Science. We have been using our skills in Literacy to infer and deduce information in Science. Do you know what deduce is?

Place value in numbers with decimals!

This morning we have been recapping place value in numbers with decimals. We have been mentally adding decimal numbers as well as comparing and ordering numbers. Can you order the numbers: 123.8, 123.808, 123.18 and 123.78?

Staying safe and happy in the classroom!

This afternoon we have discussed and identified ways to keep our classroom safe and happy. What would you do to keep the classroom safe and happy?

Class Project!

Our Topic this term is World War 2 and we would like your child to make a project on World War 2. This could be a poster, an information sheet or you could create an object for World War 2. Please can you bring your project in by the 16th September. We are looking forward to all the class projects. Thank you for your support. What ideas have you got for a class project?


In computing today, we have been looking at debugging morse code. used to communicate between soldiers. When practice writing our names. Do you know what debugging is?