Space scratch game

Today we created a game linked to our Space topic on scratch. We created a range of games around the theme of Space. What happened in your game?

Home Learning- Coordinates

You will need to use coordinates this week in your maths work. Use this video to help you remember all about coordinates. What space ships did you plot?

Home learning- VCOP

When writing your fantasy story this week try and use as much of VCOP as you can. What did you include in your story?

Multimedia presentation

Today we created a multimedia presentation based around the rainforest. We had to have 6 slides, transitions, key information and some work that has been created. What was your slide like?

3D rainforest

Today we recreated the 4 layers of the rainforest using different materials. We then recorded some facts about the rainforest. What layer did you recreate?

Rock animal

Today we followed instructions to draw a rainforest animal. When we had got our animal we drew it on a rock with felt tip pens. What animal did you draw?

Rainforest animal

Today we used a range of materials to create a collage of a rainforest animal. We could choose which animals to draw and collage. What techniques did you use?

Describing the rainforest

Today we wrote a descriptive piece of writing all about the rainforest. We. Had to use our 5 senses and image we were there. What did you use in your description?


Today we created a battleships game based around our deserted island. We had to plant the treasure and then get the person on our table to guess where the treasure was hidden. Where was your treasure buried?

Classifying animals

Today we classified animals using a classification system. We used keynote on the iPad to create an interactive classification system, we had to make sure we used transitions and links. What animals did you include in your classification system?