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Easter cards!

This afternoon we have all taken part in making Easter cards. We have all had a lot of fun doing. Have you made an Easter card?

Creating a portrait using the pounce technique!

This afternoon we have been creating portraits using the pounce technique. Have you used the pounce technique before?

Designing an ancient Roman Bust!

This afternoon we have had a lot of fun designing an ancient Roman Bust. How would you design one?

Evaluating our Ancient Roman Mosaic!

This afternoon we have been evaluating our Ancient Roman Mosaic. We wrote about what we did to create our Ancient Roman Mosaic. We looked at how well we followed our plan, how effective the chosen media was and if we could do it again what would we do or improvements we would make. Have you ever made an Ancient Roman Mosaic?

Designing a Roman mosaics!

This afternoon we have been designing our Roman mosaics ready for us to make with clay next week. We all had a lot of fun designing them. Do you like designing things?



Class 9 have been busy making individual keepsakes to remember their time at Wombridge Primary School. What are you favourite memories of Wombridge Primary School?

Islamic Tiles

This afternoon in Art, Class 9 painted their Islamic tiles.What pattern did you have on your tile?

Morrells Wood Farm

Today Class 9 visited Morrells Wood Farm.  In Numeracy they have been looking at fractals, so whilst at the Farm they identified fractals in nature. They then drew trees that had fractals.Where did you find fractals?

Salt Dough Islamic Tiles

This afternoon Class 9 made salt dough. They then used the salt dough to make Islamic tiles that they had previously designed. What design did you put on your tile?

Designing Pottery

Using their previous research, Class 9 designed their own Islamic pottery. What patterns and designs did you use?