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Space rocket

Today we used recyclable materials to create a rocket. We planned our rocket and then created it. Then we tried them out to see which one went the furthest. How far did your rocket go?

Rock animal

Today we followed instructions to draw a rainforest animal. When we had got our animal we drew it on a rock with felt tip pens. What animal did you draw?

Rainforest animal

Today we used a range of materials to create a collage of a rainforest animal. We could choose which animals to draw and collage. What techniques did you use?


Today we created a battleships game based around our deserted island. We had to plant the treasure and then get the person on our table to guess where the treasure was hidden. Where was your treasure buried?

Building a shelter

Today we had a limited amount of resources and we had to design and create a shelter that would help us survive on the deserted island. We had only 5 paper straws, 1 piece of paper and 1 piece of masking tape.

Newspaper report

Today we created a newspaper report all about Julius Caesar’s invasion into Britain. We had to use punchy headlines and key facts about the event. What was your report about?

Roman board game

Today we created a Roman Board game. We could use inspiration from other board games, some of us even created a totally new board game. We had to think of the rules and any accessories we wanted for our board game. What board game did you create?

Roman Mosaic

To start our Roman week off we created a Roman mosaic, some of us created mosaics that were symmetrical. We had to think carefully about the colours that we choose onto the mosaics. What did you enjoy about creating your mosaic?


Today we have learnt about how we can save our planet. We have created an information text, identifying ways we can help save our planet. For example: recycling, cutting down on pollution and growing more fruit and vegetables in the UK so that it is not shipped from overseas.

We created bird feeders out of recycled plastic bottles.

How do you recycle at home?

Climate change poster

Today we started to learn about climate change. We then created a poster talking about the importance of climate change and how we could prevent it. What did you put on your poster?