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Farming through the seasons!

This afternoon we have been given the challenge to complete an animation on farming through the season. Do you know information about farming through the season?


In computing today, we have been looking at debugging morse code. used to communicate between soldiers. When practice writing our names. Do you know what debugging is?

Word bank!

This morning in Literacy we listened to sounds of World War 2 and created a word cloud to show everything the soldiers would have heard. What do you think the soldiers would have heard?


This morning we have been continuing to complete our IT GCSE. We are all having a lot of fun with our learning and completing our IT GCSE. Do you enjoy doing IT?


This afternoon we have been using the sphero’s. We used the sphero’s and directed it around an obstacle course. Do you know what a sphero is?


Controlling aspects of a game!

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This afternoon we have been given the challenge on scratch and swift playgrounds. We had to communicate with the computer and enter commands in to move objects. Have you been on scratch before?

Learning how to hyperlink slides!

This afternoon we have been doing  a keynote on the Romans and learning how to do hyperlinks on the slides. Do you know what hyper links is?

Garage Bands

This afternoon in music, Class 9 used the app garage band to create their own musical notation. They then made a presentation explaining what they had done.Do you know the names of the notes?

Creating Animations

This afternoon, we have incorporated our literacy with our topic work, by practising adverbials and then putting them into an animation. This included creating music and inserting our adverbial voice over to make our animations come to life.

Who was the character in your animation?

Shrove Tuesday

This afternoon, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday we have made our very own pancakes. We also created a keynote looking at how countries around the world celebrate Shrove Tuesday to see if it’s any different to here in the UK.

How do they celebrate Shrove Tuesday in other countries?