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Shrove Tuesday!

This afternoon we have discussed Shrove Tuesday. As well making some pancakes using milk, flour and eggs. We used equal measurements for each and whisked it all together before we fried them. Do you like pancakes?


This afternoon we have been planting some seeds for them to grow and we can then use in our cooking. We have planted basil, tomatoes, parsley, chives and lots more. What have you planted recently?

Making Banana muffins!

This afternoon we have all had a lot fun making a banana muffins. We had to follow instructions in order to make them. Do you know ingredients are in banana muffins?

Making lentil stew!

This afternoon we have all had a lot of fun making lentil stew. Do you know what goes into a lentil soup?


Today Class 9 researched different recipes that they could make this week. They had a budget of £5. After hearing everybody’s choices they decided on Rice Krispie cakes. What receipe did you choose?

Making Bread

Yesterday class 9 made bread, each batch that they made they missed or added different ingredients such as: not using margarine, salt, yeast and using brown flour.  Today we tried the bread to see if we could notice the difference.Could you notice the difference?

Tesco Trip

This morning Class 9 visited Tescos, they had the opportunity to taste a variety of different cheeses and breads. They accessed the back of the store, going into the fridge, freezer and looking at where the lorries deliver the stock. On the fish counter they named all the fish that they could recognise and even had the chance to hold a Mackeral. What bread and cheese did you like best?

Food Groups

Today Class 9 looked at the different food groups.  They then made their own healthy dinner plate.Can you name the five food groups?

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 looked at the importance of why at Wombridge Primary we hold a plant sale.What plants would you like to grow?

Vanilla Cupcakes

This afternoon we combined our maths work on ratio by scaling down the recipe to make vanilla cupcakes. We then created a keynote describing what we had done.


Did you enjoy eating your cupcakes?