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Today we played some socially distanced football passing. We had a competition to see who could get the highest score.


This afternoon we all had a lot of fun taking part in swimming. We all recapped on how to get in the pool safely and we all followed instruction while being in the pool. What do you enjoy doing when you go swimming?


Today was Class 9’s last day of swimming at Wombridge Primary School.  It was a fun swim so they had floats, balls and practiced their diving skills. How has your swimming improved?

Tesco Trip

This morning Class 9 visited Tescos, they had the opportunity to taste a variety of different cheeses and breads. They accessed the back of the store, going into the fridge, freezer and looking at where the lorries deliver the stock. On the fish counter they named all the fish that they could recognise and even had the chance to hold a Mackeral. What bread and cheese did you like best?

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 have started to plant seeds for the school plant sale. They planted: onions, corn, radish, leek, lettuce and runner beans. 

What would you like to grow?



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This afternoon, class 9 have been practising their skipping. They have been working in groups to see how many skips they can complete in a set amount of time. From this we will be able to find the average amount … Continue reading


At the farm

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Today at the farm, class 9 went on a new walk around the different fields. They also worked together to create Roman numerals, which they had been practising ready for today. We used trundle wheels to measure in metres the … Continue reading



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This afternoon, we have been learning to create music for a purpose. The purpose of the music created today is to make movements to in our dance tomorrow. We have created a piece of music with a slow tempo and … Continue reading

KS2 athletics competition

A big well done to the athletics team, who took part in an intra school competition this morning. The group of 11 children really enjoyed taking part in different track and field events. What was your favourite event and why?



Fun run

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This afternoon, class 9 took part in the whole school sponsored fun run to raise money for operation Christmas child. Well done everyone who had collected their sponsor money before the event. Please remember to bring in your collected sponsor money … Continue reading