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This afternoon we have had a lot of fun planting some seeds. We planted tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and dwarf french beans. We are going to make sure we water and maintain them to ensure they are ready for the plant sale. Do you grow anything at home?

Potato investigation!

This afternoon we had a look at the potato we planted a while back. We put two different types of potatoes in soil bags. We made sure we watered and maintained the potatoes. This afternoon we checked each bag to see how many potatoes had grow. Do you know how to plant potatoes?


This afternoon we have been planting some seeds for them to grow and we can then use in our cooking. We have planted basil, tomatoes, parsley, chives and lots more. What have you planted recently?

Plant Sale

This afternoon Class 9 helped with the plant sale. Can you name any plants? 

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 have started to plant seeds for the school plant sale. They planted: onions, corn, radish, leek, lettuce and runner beans. 

What would you like to grow?

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 looked at the importance of why at Wombridge Primary we hold a plant sale.What plants would you like to grow?

Grow Your Own Potatoes 

Here is an update on how Class 9’s potatoes are growing.What else could we grow?

Grow Your Own Potatoes 2017

This afternoon we had to complete Stage 3 of ‘Grow your own potatoes 2017’ which involved planting our potato seeds in the bags ready for them to grow.

Don’t forget to check to see if they need watering Class 9!


Farming and countryside award

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This afternoon we have taken an aspect of our farming award to turn into a multi media presentation to help ourselves and others learn. Some of us created animations, while others created keynotes which we turned into videos with music. … Continue reading


Cooking award

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As part of our KS2 cooking award, class 9 have been practising their paysanne cut with carrots. What shape should the carrots be once cut this way?