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This afternoon we have been part of our IT GCSE! We are planning our IT GCSE which is about Earth and Space. Have you got an IT GCSE?

Learning how a play is built up in scenes!

Today we have looked at a play script and looked at what scenes are within the play script. I have been creating backdrops for a green screen and putting a voice over on it. Do you know what green screen is?

Learning how to hyperlink slides!

This afternoon we have been doing  a keynote on the Romans and learning how to do hyperlinks on the slides. Do you know what hyper links is?

Communicating ad collaborating using IT!

This afternoon we have been working in groups to produce a multimedia presentation about Romans. We have used different devices and different pieces of work then collaborating together onto one device to present a presentation. Do you know what a multimedia presentation is?

Non Chronological Reports

Class 9 have been writing Non Chronological Reports about Wombridge Primary School. They had to ensure they included all the features needed as well as writing it in the third person. What did you include in your report?


Today class 9 continued their ICT GCSE. They added music and animations to their keynotes. What have you added to your keynote today? 


Today Class 9 have started preparing to do their ICT GCSE. They have began making a planning template on the different information they can include.What topic have you planned for?

Shrewsbury Battlefields Presentation

Class 9 made presentations, talking about their experience at Shrewsbury Battlefield on Monday.What did you write about in your presentation?

The Real Macbeth

This afternoon Class 9 completed research on Macbeth. They then made a timeline using all the key facts that they found out.What interesting key facts did you find out?

Creating Science Animations

On Monday, we completed an experiment looking at whether different materials conducted electricity. This afternoon, we created an animation to show our results in an exciting way.

Which material was the best conductor?