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The Highway Man!

This morning we looked at the Highway Man story. We had to picked of the events and write them in chronological order. Have you read the Highway Man before?

SPaG revision!

This morning we have been doing SPaG revision.  We have been practising to read the questions independently. We know tat the answer should be linked to the question as well we are able to choose an answer from multiple question. Do you know what a preposition is?

Examples of SPaG elements!

This morning we have been looking at examples of SPaG elements. We were given a set go questions to answer and give an example. Here are some we had to answer:

Write a sentence with a proper noun

Write a phrase

Write a sentence with an abstract noun


Can you answer all the above?

Infering information from a text!

Today in literacy we were given the task to infer information from a text. We had to read an extract from a story and then infer this ideas about the plot and the characters. We understand that sentences can have suggestive meanings that are not given to the reader directly.  Can you infer extra information from your reading?

Infering information from a picture!

This morning we have been given a set of pictures looking at what wonder means, looking at observation of the picture and learning that all information is going to be given in a picture. We have written notes on what a picture makes us wonder and inferring the information. What does wonder mean?


Editing to improve!

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This morning in literacy we are going to be editing our newspaper article we wrote yesterday. We will be able to identify features we have used using our self assessment sheet, we will how check our spellings in our work … Continue reading

Identifying features of journalistic writing!

This morning we have we have been identifying journalistic writing. We can identify SPaG elements in a newspaper report and know why certain SPaG elements have been used. As well we are able to explain the purpose of the features and SPaG elements are used. Do you know any features of journalistic writing?

Punctuation and Grammar!

This morning we have been looking at punctuation and grammar. We have looked at statements to which one should have a full stops, questions marks, pair of verbs and lots more. Do you know where a full stop should go?

Describing a key event in detail!

This morning we have been describing a key event from A Midsummer Nights Dream. We know we need to include subordinating clauses (makes a complex sentence), embedded clause (change clauses for effect), and fronted adverbials (time, reason, manner, place). Do you know what a fronted adverbial is?

Editing our work!

This morning we have been editing our biography we wrote yesterday. I can identify features I have used in my writing by using my self assessment sheet. We know how to spell check our work to ensure we improve our writing. We know we need to make sure my tenses are correct throughput my writing. We are able to take a sentence and improve it by using different features. Do you know what an expanded noun phrase is?