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Using drama to retell key events from Macbeth!

This morning in literacy we have used our plan we created on our own version of Macbeth to create our own video. How would you do a video for Macbeth?

Feelings associated with loss

Today we were given a page out of  a book and then had to highlight the words we associate with loosing something that is special to us. Do you know any feelings associated with loss?

Understanding how a characters actions can change due to events!

This week we have been reading Macbeth, we had really enjoyed it. We have been looking at the characters and the storyline as well as the meaning behind the story. Today we have been looking at how a characters actions can change due to events. Do you know any characters from Macbeth?

Reading Comprehension- Robert Burns!

Today we have been given a text about Robert Burns as well as a set of questions to answer from the text about Robert Burns. Do you know who is Robert Burns is?

Penguins- Reading Comprehension!

This morning we have been given a reading comprehension about penguins as well as a set of questions. We had to make sure we read the text given carefully to ensure we were able to answer the questions. Did you know penguins live in both hot and cold places in the Southern Hemisphere, the bottom half of the world, below the Equator?

Reading Comprehension!

We have been given a reading comprehension task today where we have to read the passage that has been given to us. As well as being able to answer questions on the passage we have been given. Do you know who made the first website by reading the passage below?

Editing a piece of work!

Today we have been given a challenge to edit a piece of work that has been given to us. We need to look for missing capital letters/ full stops, spelling mistakes, incorrect verb tenses and lots more. Can you find the missing full stops in the piece of work below?

Learning root words!

This morning we have being looking at root words. We have looked at a variety of words and looked at what the root word is for them. Do you know what the root graph means in the word family?

Reading comprehension!

We have been giving a picture to look at and been given a set of questions to answer by looking at the picture. Can you identify the city? What clues are there to suggest this?

Using features of a script to write our own!

Today we have been writing our own play scripts with the features we have learnt from looking at other play scripts. We made sure there was a beginning, middle and end as well as making sure we used a variety of punctuation and using stage direction too. What would you write a play script on?