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Creating a recount!

This morning we were given the challenge to create a recount of the experience Olive has of the evacuation. We explored the features of a diary and linked formal and informal language.

Inferring information about electricity!

This afternoon we were doing a reading comprehension in Science. We have been using our skills in Literacy to infer and deduce information in Science. Do you know what deduce is?

Word bank!

This morning in Literacy we listened to sounds of World War 2 and created a word cloud to show everything the soldiers would have heard. What do you think the soldiers would have heard?


This week we have been writing persuasive letters using The Hobbit.

Here are some examples below.

Legend Stories

This morning, we have been using our dilemma book template to plan a legend of our own.

We have used to template to allow the reader to make choices. After we finished our plan we read through them to check if anything needed editing or improving.

We are looking forward to writing our legend stories!

Myths and Legends

This week we have been looking at the differences between myths and legends.

These were some of our ideas.


We used this information to create a table showing the similarities and differences. We are looking forward to planning our own legend stories this week.

Do you know any myths or legends?

The Highway Man!

This morning we looked at the Highway Man story. We had to picked of the events and write them in chronological order. Have you read the Highway Man before?

SPaG revision!

This morning we have been doing SPaG revision.  We have been practising to read the questions independently. We know tat the answer should be linked to the question as well we are able to choose an answer from multiple question. Do you know what a preposition is?

Examples of SPaG elements!

This morning we have been looking at examples of SPaG elements. We were given a set go questions to answer and give an example. Here are some we had to answer:

Write a sentence with a proper noun

Write a phrase

Write a sentence with an abstract noun


Can you answer all the above?

Infering information from a text!

Today in literacy we were given the task to infer information from a text. We had to read an extract from a story and then infer this ideas about the plot and the characters. We understand that sentences can have suggestive meanings that are not given to the reader directly.  Can you infer extra information from your reading?