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Solving word problems!

This morning in Maths we had to follow instructions given in an question to answer a question. Do you know what word problems are?

Code breaker!

This morning we have been code breaking. We have been given calculations to calculate to break the code. Do you know what code breaker is?

Ordering decimal numbers!

This  morning we have been re capping decimal numbers and putting them into order. Then we have been given a set of numbers which include decimals, fractions and percentages and we have had to place them in order. 0.9, 22, 0.009, 5.4, 0.18. Are these in order from smallest to largest?

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been re caping on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. D0 you know what 30 percent is as a decimal?

Solving reasoning questions involving subtraction!

This morning we were solving reasoning questions involving subtraction. We were given a set of questions involving subtraction problems. Can you answer the following:

David was given 10.00 pound for his birthday. David went to the shop and spent 5.50 on a toy car. How much money does he have left?

Finding a rule using two steps!

Today in Maths we have been finding a rule using two steps. We know how two step function machine works and can identify the input/ output in different function machines. We know how to write functions as algebraic expressions. Do you know what algebraic expressions are?


We would like to say well done to Bastian Hernas for earning his bronze certificate. Well done for completing your Mathletics.

Finding the area of triangles!

This morning we have been finding out the areas of triangles. We know the area inside a shape is the perimeter. We know the formula to find out the area of triangles as well as using the correct units. Do you know the formula for a triangle and the correct units?

Long multiplication!

This morning we have been looking at long multiplication. We multiplied 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Then we moved on to multiplying 4 digits by 2 digit numbers. Do you know what 3666 x 12 is?

Practicing our arithmetic skills!

This morning we have been given a test paper on arithmetic and we have been answering questions independently. Then we have used explain everything to show how we got the correct answer. Do you know what 30 percent of 24000 is?