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Home Learning- Coordinates

You will need to use coordinates this week in your maths work. Use this video to help you remember all about coordinates. What space ships did you plot?


Today we created a battleships game based around our deserted island. We had to plant the treasure and then get the person on our table to guess where the treasure was hidden. Where was your treasure buried?

Roman menu

We have finished off our week of the Romans looking at what food they would have eaten. We researched traditional menus and then created our own menu for a banquet. What was on your menu?

Roman board game

Today we created a Roman Board game. We could use inspiration from other board games, some of us even created a totally new board game. We had to think of the rules and any accessories we wanted for our board game. What board game did you create?

Creating a house protected from flooding

Today we had the challenge of creating a house that is protected from flooding. We were given lots of materials to choose from and had to read their properties carefully to help us decide which one to choose.

Once we had our materials chosen we had to work out prices and check our budget. What was your budget and what materials did you choose?

Planning a trip

Today we planned a once in a lifetime trip to Australia! We were given a scenario and had to search through a brochure to plan the perfect holiday. We had to do lots of operations such as addition and multiplication. We even had to do conversions! How much was the holiday that you planned?


Today we have been learning about the origins of food, where it comes from and the distance that it travels in order to reach the UK.

We used our measuring skills to measure the distance from the UK to other countries in the world.

In order to work out the distance, we converted the distance measured in cm to miles using a key.

What is the furthest country you have found food in?

Planning a theme park

This week we have been planning a theme park. We designed a floor plan of the theme park and had to think carefully about how 1 square equaled 50m2. The different colours represent the different rides. What rides have you got on your theme park?

Outdoor learning

Today we have taken our learning outdoors. We have learnt about the Fibonacci sequence, which is a sequence of numbers.

We visited the woodland area to look for Fibonacci patterns. We then free the patterns we found in our books. Have you found any Fibonacci patterns in your garden?

Maths and Literacy!

This week we have been looking through our books and the progress we have made since we started year 6. It is important to know what our aspirations are to help us to work towards achieving our job. What are your aspirations?