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Recognising fractious and decimal equivalence!

This morning we have been recapping on improper fractions and mixed number fractions. We converted improper fractions into mixed number fractions and mixed number fractions into improper fractions. As well as being able to work out decimal equivalencies. Do you know what a decimal equivalence is?

Short multiplication to multiply decimal numbers by whole numbers!

This morning we have been doing short multiplication with decimal numbers.  We have been multiplying decimal numbers together as well we have been rounding decimals to the nearest. Can you multiply decimal numbers together?

Prime numbers!

This morning we have been looking at prime numbers. We know what a prime number is. We identified numbers 1-100 that are prime numbers. Do you know what a prime number is?

Finding common multiples and factors!

This morning w have been looking at multiples and factors. We recapped on what the differences were between multiples and factors. Then we were able to find common multiples and factors of numbers. What is a factor?


This morning in Maths we have been looking at angles. We recapped that angles around a point always add up to 360. We were able to work out missing angles as well as identifying the angles as acute, obtuse or reflex angles. We were able to use a protractor and estimate angles too. Do you know what an acute angle is?

Data Comprehension!

This afternoon we have been looking at data comprehension. We had a table that showed items that were rationed during World War 2. The table consisted of of what one person would have and how much it would cost. We were then given the challenge to work it out for 4 people. Can you work out how much it would be for a family of 5?

Place value in numbers with decimals!

This morning we have been recapping place value in numbers with decimals. We have been mentally adding decimal numbers as well as comparing and ordering numbers. Can you order the numbers: 123.8, 123.808, 123.18 and 123.78?

Barcode Investigation

This morning we have been investigating barcodes. A barcode is a visual, machine-readable representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.

We have learnt about what the different numbers on the barcode mean and how to use a formula to calculate and create barcodes.

Next time you see a barcode, see if you can figure out the formula!

Translations, rotations and reflections

This morning we have been looking at patterns using translations, rotations and reflections.

We used the ideas on the sheet at first before creating some of our own.

Can you spot any patterns that use translations, rotations or reflections?

Researching numerals!

This morning we have been researching numerals. We looked at Egyptian and Chinese numerals. We researched and made notes as well as looking at what the symbols were for certain numbers. Do you know what the symbol is for 1 in Egyptian numerals?