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Order of operations!

Today we have been looking at order of operations. We have learnt we have to follow the correct order or we know we will not get the correct. We know we have to follow BODMAS. Do you know what BODMAS is?

Using negative numbers!

This morning we have been looking at word problems. We have been able to write the method to calculate differences. We used a number line to calculate differences and we were able to count through 0. Do you know how to use a number line to calculate differences?

Chair Champs!

This morning a person from each class has taken part in Chair Champs. We would like to say well done to everyone who has taken part. Do you know what Chair Champs  is?

Using all four operations!

Today in Maths we have looked at using the formal written methods. We have have done multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. Can you do the formal written method for 473 x 67?

Addition and Subtraction!

Today we have been given a set of questions on addition and subtraction. We have had to mentally work out the answers. Do you know what 5150+3734 is?


Today we have been completing arithmetic calculations. Do you know what arithmetic means?

Properties of Shapes!

Today we have been given the task to look at properties of shapes.Can you tell me what the properties of a cube are?

Looking at statistics!

Today we have been looking at statistics and interpreting data. Do you know how to interpret data?


Today we have been looking at fractions, looking at how to simplify fractions, comparing and ordering fractions as well as looking at other areas too. We are using our previous and current knowledge on fractions to complete the tasks we have been given. Can you compare and order fractions?

Multiplying and dividing word problems!

In Maths we have been given word problems linked to multiplying and dividing. Do you know what word problems are?