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Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been re caping on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. D0 you know what 30 percent is as a decimal?

Chair champs!

This morning one child from each class took part in Chair Champs. We would like to say a big well done took everyone that took part and congratulation to the winner. Do you know what chair champs is?

Solving reasoning questions involving subtraction!

This morning we were solving reasoning questions involving subtraction. We were given a set of questions involving subtraction problems. Can you answer the following:

David was given 10.00 pound for his birthday. David went to the shop and spent 5.50 on a toy car. How much money does he have left?

Solving reasoning questions involving addition!

This morning we have been given a set of questions relating to addition. We have been able to identify the key information in the word problems given. We are able to follow information given to us in order for us to answer our questions. We have been able to answer written questions and have been able to check our answers to. Can you answer the following question:

In January, there were 34,371 new born dragons. The dragons were silver and black, with large scales. In February, another 61,428 dragons were born. However, in March, 42,985 dragons died. How many dragons are there?


Congratulations to everyone has achieved a mathletics certificate. We would like to say a big Well done. Do you know what mathletics is?

Data Comprehension!

This afternoon we have been looking at the employment rate across cities. We looked at the highest, lowest, similarities/ differences, what kind of jobs are in the area and lots more. Do you know where the highest employment rate is?

Sharing amounts using ratios!

This morning in Maths we have been looking at sharing amounts using a ratio. We know a ratio can be thought of as unequal sharing. We are able to calculate how much one share of an amount is worth given a ratio. As well as knowing we must follow a method to share numbers by ratio. We were given a challenge to see if we could spot the mistakes in a given method. Can you share amounts using a ratio?

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages!

This morning in Maths we have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been given a range of questions  relating to fractions, decimals and percentages. Do you know the answers to the question below?

Learning how to substitute into simple expressions and equations!

This morning we learnt what it means to substitute into equations and we know what it means when a number is next to a letter. We have been able to substitute into simple equations to find part of a particular value.  Do you know what substituting into equations means?

Finding a rule using two steps!

Today in Maths we have been finding a rule using two steps. We know how two step function machine works and can identify the input/ output in different function machines. We know how to write functions as algebraic expressions. Do you know what algebraic expressions are?