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Barcode Investigation

This morning we have been investigating barcodes. A barcode is a visual, machine-readable representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.

We have learnt about what the different numbers on the barcode mean and how to use a formula to calculate and create barcodes.

Next time you see a barcode, see if you can figure out the formula!

Translations, rotations and reflections

This morning we have been looking at patterns using translations, rotations and reflections.

We used the ideas on the sheet at first before creating some of our own.

Can you spot any patterns that use translations, rotations or reflections?

Researching numerals!

This morning we have been researching numerals. We looked at Egyptian and Chinese numerals. We researched and made notes as well as looking at what the symbols were for certain numbers. Do you know what the symbol is for 1 in Egyptian numerals?

Mental Maths!

This morning in maths we have been doing mental maths where we had to work out the calculations in our head. Do you know what 300\ 6 is without doing any calculations?

Making a hundred with 4 different numbers!

As part of our early morning work we had to use 4 different numbers that add up to 100. We spilt a square up into four and put a number in each square. We had to add the two numbers in the rows and the two numbers in the columns. We were not allowed to use the same number twice. Do you know any four numbers that add up to 100?

Fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We recapped on how to change fractions to decimals then to percentages and verse versa. Do you know how to change a fraction into a decimal?

Solving word problems!

This morning in Maths we had to follow instructions given in an question to answer a question. Do you know what word problems are?

Code breaker!

This morning we have been code breaking. We have been given calculations to calculate to break the code. Do you know what code breaker is?

Ordering decimal numbers!

This  morning we have been re capping decimal numbers and putting them into order. Then we have been given a set of numbers which include decimals, fractions and percentages and we have had to place them in order. 0.9, 22, 0.009, 5.4, 0.18. Are these in order from smallest to largest?

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been re caping on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. D0 you know what 30 percent is as a decimal?