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This afternoon we have enjoyed doing some planting. We have planted broad beans and tomatoes . We have discussed how to plant them and followed instructions to complete the task. We work as part of a group to complete the … Continue reading

Sports Day 

Today was sports day.  Green group were crowned the winners. Well done to everybody that took part!How did you get on in your races?

Sports Day

This afternoon Class 9 went outside with the rest of the school, to practicse for sports day tomorrow. Which race are you doing?

Morrells Wood Farm

Today Class 9 visited Morrells Wood Farm.  In Numeracy they have been looking at fractals, so whilst at the Farm they identified fractals in nature. They then drew trees that had fractals.Where did you find fractals?

Tesco Trip

This morning Class 9 visited Tescos, they had the opportunity to taste a variety of different cheeses and breads. They accessed the back of the store, going into the fridge, freezer and looking at where the lorries deliver the stock. On the fish counter they named all the fish that they could recognise and even had the chance to hold a Mackeral. What bread and cheese did you like best?


A few students from class 9 completed their level 2 bikeability award.  They learnt how to keep themselves safe whilst on the road. What did you learn from Bikeability?

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 have started to plant seeds for the school plant sale. They planted: onions, corn, radish, leek, lettuce and runner beans. 

What would you like to grow?

Plant Sale

Today Class 9 looked at the importance of why at Wombridge Primary we hold a plant sale.What plants would you like to grow?

Climbing Frame

After their Literacy Reading SATS this morning, Class 9 had some time on the climbing frame. They showed different ways in which they could move and balance. Which part of the climbing frame is your favourite, and why?


Today in PE, Class 9 had a game of cricket. Did you enjoy playing cricket?