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Practising our cricket skills!

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This afternoon we have been practising our cricket skills. This included over arm throws as well as working as a team to complete the task . Do you play cricket?

Circuits in P.E!

This afternoon in P.E we have being doing circuits. This consisted of burpees, star jumps, skipping and lots more. How many star jumps can you do?

Sponsored run!

This morning we took part in a sponsored run. Well done to everyone that took part, you all did a fantastic run. Have you done a sponsored run before?

Bench Ball!

This afternoon we all took part in bench ball. Before we began doing bench ball we all did a warm up to get us ready. We worked as a team to pass the ball to each other. Have you ever played bench ball?


This afternoon in P.E we learnt attacking and passing the ball. We worked as a team and individually on our own. Have you ever played rugby?

Mile a day!

This afternoon we did the mile a day. We talked about how to stay healthy in and outside of school. Do you do the mile a day?


This afternoon we have taken part in our weekly PE session. We have taken part in athletic games that involve good communication, listening skills and team work.


High Jump Competition

We took part in our annual high jump competition this afternoon.

It was an exciting afternoon filled with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

There was a new high jump competition record set of 1.23m!

It was a fantastic afternoon and we are very proud of our winner!

Throwing Competition

This morning we took part in our throwing competition.

The Leaders took on the role of ensuring classes knew where to go and when it was their turn. They were very organised and performed well!

The rest of the class took part in the competition and class 9 ended up placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Well done class 9!


It was our last swimming session today. We enjoyed swimming in the pool and playing some games with each other.

We played catch with small inflatable balls and used the weights to practise diving underwater and retrieving them.

We have learnt lots of valuable skills during our swimming lessons!