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Sports Day Practise

This morning we have been practising for sports day.

We are excited to take part in the different events tomorrow and compete in our different house teams!


This afternoon we all had a lot fun taking part in a game of rounders. We worked together as a team to play the play. Have you ever played rounders?


This afternoon we have been taking part in dodgeball. We know we must warm up and cool down when exercising. have you ever taken part in dodgeball?


This afternoon we have all  had a lot of fun taking part in dodgeball. We all made sure we warmed up by doing cat and mouse. This is when a group of children have bibs attached to them and then the other children have to chase them to get the bibs. Then they count who has the most at the end. Do you know what dodgeball is?

Practising our hockey skills!

This afternoon we have been practising our hockey skills. We all warmed up before we started doing hockey. We all played a hockey game, we were spilt into two groups and played against each other. Do you like playing hockey?


This afternoon we have been doing tag rugby which consists of learning how to pull a tag off a person which is attached to them when they are running past you. Do you know what tag rugby is?

Practising our football skills!

This afternoon in P.E we have been practising our football skills. We were dribbling the ball through cones and made sure we could keep control of the ball while doing so. We also learned how to dodge people in a safe way when playing football. Do you enjoy playing football?


Today in P.E class 9 practiced their running skills ready for sports day.Can you remember what races you did last year?


This afternoon Class 9 went swimming for the first time this year. They all did really well. Well done Class 9.What did you do in swimming today?


A few students from class 9 completed their level 2 bikeability award.  They learnt how to keep themselves safe whilst on the road. What did you learn from Bikeability?