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This afternoon we have been doing tag rugby which consists of learning how to pull a tag off a person which is attached to them when they are running past you. Do you know what tag rugby is?

Practising our football skills!

This afternoon in P.E we have been practising our football skills. We were dribbling the ball through cones and made sure we could keep control of the ball while doing so. We also learned how to dodge people in a safe way when playing football. Do you enjoy playing football?


Today in P.E class 9 practiced their running skills ready for sports day.Can you remember what races you did last year?


This afternoon Class 9 went swimming for the first time this year. They all did really well. Well done Class 9.What did you do in swimming today?


A few students from class 9 completed their level 2 bikeability award.  They learnt how to keep themselves safe whilst on the road. What did you learn from Bikeability?

Cricket Tournament 

This afternoon Class 9 had a house team cricket tournament with the rest of KS2. They also had time with the other outdoor equipment. How many points did you get for your house team?


Today in PE, Class 9 had a game of cricket. Did you enjoy playing cricket?


Today in PE, Class 9 had a game of basketball. The challange was to pass the ball three times.Did you manage to score?


This afternoon, we have been continuing to practise our basketball skills with individual and team games. Next week, we will be using the skills we have learnt by putting them into a match situation.

Can you remember the three different types of passes?


Working Together

This afternoon, we have been working as a group to develop trust and teamwork. This involved getting one member of the team from one end of the bench to the other, without touching the floor and more importantly – without verbally communicating!

Did you manage to complete the challenge?