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Researching Charles Darwin and Mary Annings!

This afternoon we have been given the task to research Charles Darwin and Mary Annings. Then we have been creating presentations on the research we have gathered. Do you know who is Mary Annings?

Penguins- Reading Comprehension!

This morning we have been given a reading comprehension about penguins as well as a set of questions. We had to make sure we read the text given carefully to ensure we were able to answer the questions. Did you know penguins live in both hot and cold places in the Southern Hemisphere, the bottom half of the world, below the Equator?

Describing a life cycle of a mammal!

This afternoon we have been looking at the life cycle of a mammal and have been describing it in our own words. Do you know a life cycle of a mammal?

Understanding the life cycle of a mammal!

This afternoon we have been looking at the life cycle of a mammal.  We have all draw a life cycle of a mammal. Do you know the life cycle of a mammal?


Learning how to describe the life processes of reproduction of some plants and food!

This afternoon we had to sort out advantages and disadvantages of different types of plant reproduction. Do you know any advantages or disadvantages?

Living things and their habitats!

This term for Science we are looking at Living things and their habitat. We  are going to learn how many habitats there are, what types of mammals you can name, what are the stages of  a bird’s life cycle and lots more. Can you name any habitats?

The circulatory system!

This afternoon we have been looking at the circulatory system. We looked at reading comprehensions and answered questions related to the text. Do you know the three main parts of the circulatory system?


Weight measurement 

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Year 6 today have been looking at the different types of weights from using a Newton meter and a set of scales. The children went around the classroom, found 5 items that they wanted to weight to see if there … Continue reading


Today Class 9 investigated gravity.  They explored what gravity is, as well as Sir Isaac Newton and the Newton Metre.What did you find out about Sir Isaac Newton?


Today Class 9 looked at the Solar System.  We ordered the planets closest to the Sun and found out key facts about the Planets. Can you remember the order of the Planets?