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This afternoon we have had a lot of fun outside doing P.E. We all warmed up correctly by running through the cones. Then we enjoyed practising our hockey skills. We passed the ball, dribbling the ball and travelling with a hockey stick. Do you enjoy playing hockey?


This afternoon we have all had alot of fun practising our football skills. We dribbled the football around the cones and passed the football to each other. Can you dribble the football around cones?

Practising our football skills!

This afternoon we have been practising our football skills. We have been passing and dribbling the ball to each other. Do you enjoy playing football?


Today was Class 9’s last day of swimming at Wombridge Primary School.  It was a fun swim so they had floats, balls and practiced their diving skills. How has your swimming improved?


This morning the whole school took part in the throwing competition.  A student from class 9 was crowned the KS2 winner with them reaching 24 metres.  Well done to everyone that took part.What distance did you reach? 

High Jump

This morning the whole school competed in the High Jump. One of our students from year 6 was crowned the winner. Well done to everyone that took part. How high did you jump? 

Fox’s and Farmers

As a warm up before a game of basketball, Class 9 played a game of Fox’s and Farmers.Whats your favourite sport?


As we continue with hockey in PE this half term, Year 6 are all improving week by week with their hockey skills. This includes being able to dribble and shoot more accurately. They are all getting involved and working as a team in order to try and score lots of goals. 

What skill do you need to work on next week?



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This afternoon, class 9 have been practising their skipping. They have been working in groups to see how many skips they can complete in a set amount of time. From this we will be able to find the average amount … Continue reading

KS2 athletics competition

A big well done to the athletics team, who took part in an intra school competition this morning. The group of 11 children really enjoyed taking part in different track and field events. What was your favourite event and why?