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Class Project!

Our Topic this term is World War 2 and we would like your child to make a project on World War 2. This could be a poster, an information sheet or you could create an object for World War 2. Please can you bring your project in by the 16th September. We are looking forward to all the class projects. Thank you for your support. What ideas have you got for a class project?


Welcome back! Here are just a few reminders:

Homework will be handed out every Monday starting from the Monday 9th September. Homework should be given back in on a Friday.

P.E kits should be brought into school on Monday and will go home on a Friday.

Reading Diaries and books should be brought in everyday.

Thank you for your support.


Spellings Star Competition!

This morning as a whole school we took part in a Spelling Star competition. We were given words and we had to spell them them out in a loud and clear voice. Have you ever done a spelling competition?

Crucial Crew

Today we have been to Crucial Crew. We learnt lots of new skills and the importance of how to keep safe and happy when out and about.

Some of the activities we did were; learning about the dangers of electricity, how to keep safe in water and how to look after electricals at home.

We worked hard in our two groups to be the best group of the day. Although we did not win that we did manage to get a star of the day!

Well done to Libby C!


Transition Days

This week we have visited our new schools. Although it has been a bit nerve-wracking we have enjoyed seeing our new schools and learning about what challenges we can take on next!

Dilemma Books – Legends

Today we have turned our legend story plans into our dilemma books.

We have used the format to allow the reader to make choices as they go along.

We enjoyed reading each other’s stories and sharing ideas!


This morning we have been exploring tessellation. We learnt that tessellation is a repeated pattern that fills an area with no gaps in between. Do you know what tessellation is?


Today some of us have taken part in bikeability. We were shown how to check our bikes before we set off and show how to get on our bikes safely. As well learning how to do safety checks. Have you done bikeability?

Investigating the location of the Shang Dynasty!

This afternoon we had to investigate the locations of Shang Dynasty. We had to research places and apply them on a map. Do you know the location of Shang Dynasty?

Editing our newspaper report!

This morning we have been editing our newspaper report we wrote yesterday on the Highman. Were made sure we included everything we needed. Do you know how to edit your work?