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Today some of us have taken part in bikeability. We were shown how to check our bikes before we set off and show how to get on our bikes safely. As well learning how to do safety checks. Have you done bikeability?

Investigating the location of the Shang Dynasty!

This afternoon we had to investigate the locations of Shang Dynasty. We had to research places and apply them on a map. Do you know the location of Shang Dynasty?

Editing our newspaper report!

This morning we have been editing our newspaper report we wrote yesterday on the Highman. Were made sure we included everything we needed. Do you know how to edit your work?

Newspaper report!

This morning we have been writing a newspaper about the Highway man. Do you know any features of a newspaper?

Making an astrolabes to measure heights and angles!

This morning we have been given the challenge to make astrolabes. These are used to measure heights and angles. Do you know what an astrolabes is?

Year 6 SATS!

We would like to say a massive well done to year 6 for completing their SATS this week. They have all worked very hard on their Maths and Literacy, well done.


Today we all had a lot of fun visiting the battlefields in Shrewsbury. We walked around the field where the battle had been as well as visiting the Battlefield church (St Mary Magdalene’s). Have you been to the battlefields in Shrewsbury?

Farm Visit

Today we visited Morrell’s Farm. On our visit we undertook a number of activities. We measured the perimeter of one of the fields to help us draw scaled maps. This helped us build on what we have learned in maths and geography. We also discussed and wrote about different jobs at the farm whilst visiting the cows and their calves. Finally we baked some forked biscuits which we were able to enjoy, when we got back to school.

Creating our oil/ pastel pictures of William Shakespeare!

This afternoon we were given the challenge to do a collage of William Shakespeare. We were each given a specific area to do (left hand side of face, right hand side of face, bottom left hand side of face and bottom right hand side of face). We then match each section together to form our collage. What part would you choose to draw?

Identifying buildings in our town in French!

This afternoon we have being doing French. We looked at pictures and words in French linked to building where we lived. Then we had to write what we had in our town and what we didn’t have in our town in French. Do you know what supermarket is in French?