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Home Learning Activities

Emotion and Art

We looked at examples of artwork that we thought helped to share a person’s emotions. We then created our own artwork as a way of sharing our emotions and feelings. We used different colours, techniques and patterns as a way to try and express how we may be feeling.

Anglo Saxon brooches

We have designed our own Anglo Saxon style brooches. We have then used clay to create our own examples.

Keep checking the blog to find out how we paint and decorate them using tessellation patterns.

How am I feeling?

We have been using the 5 Pillars of Brain Health to help us to think about how we are feeling and why.

We have then worked together to think about ways we can help each other and ourselves if we are feeling a little unhappy or find things difficult.

What do you do that helps you when you are facing a new challenge?

Music – Anglo Saxon Gods

We have been using instruments to try and create sounds that help describe Anglo Saxon Gods.

We thought about the names of the gods and descriptions of them then chose instruments we could use to create sounds we could link to them.

Anglo Saxon Pottage

Today we made an Anglo Saxon style pottage. This is a vegetable stew. We used lots of vegetables we have planted and grown around school.


Anglo Saxon settlements

We have been researching our local area and finding out where The Anglo Saxons settled and thqimpact this had.

We found that lots of place names we use now originate from Anglo Saxon times!

Do you know of any Anglo Saxon place names we still use today?

The Battle of Hastings

We have been researching the events of the Battle of Hastings. We created freeze frames to illustrate different scenes.

Coding – Anglo Saxons

We have been using our coding skills to create a game that can be used to share information with people about The Anglo Saxons.

We thought we would tell people about how Anglo Saxon’s lived and the clothes they wore.

Sponsored Skipping

Today we held our whole school sponsored skip. Not only are we keeping ourselves healthy but we are raising money for the British Heart Foundation!