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Anglo Saxon housing

We have designed and created our own Anglo Saxon style model housing.

We used recycled and natural materials to help.


In RE we have been studying Temptation and Forgiveness.

We had different scenarios to act out which showed dilemmas we may face in our lives.

We thought about the consequences of acting on the temptation and the reasons to not act.

Improving sentences

We have been improving sentences by adding in detail, changing the position of clauses and thinking about creating images for the reader.

The men roared.

The brave me roared dangerously.

The brave men charged into battle roaring dangerously.

The brave, powerful men charged onto the swampy battlefield roaring dangerously.

The brave, powerful, destructive men roared dangerously as they charged onto the death-scented, swampy battlefield.

Charging onto the death-scented, swampy battlefield brave, powerful yet destructive men roared dangerously to intimidate their enemies.

By Freya

Hockey Skills

We have been practising our hockey skills.

Yield – machinery v human

As part of our farming award we have been thinking about whether the use of machinery and equipment on farms is a good thing or not.

We thought about how machinery can make farms safer, more efficient and can increase the yield (how much is produced).  We did see that this can mean there are less jobs for people but other jobs will also begin e.g. repairing and servicing machines. Running the machines.

Farm safety

We have been looking at how we need to be safe when working on or visiting a farm. This can include being around livestock, using machinery or leaving gates open.

We thought about the countryside code: Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Farm machinery

As part of our work on our Farming Award we have been finding out about the types of machinery used on different farms.

Some machines and equipment are specific to the type of farm they are used on e.g. which type of crop is grown, whether they need harvesting by hand etc.


Anglo Saxon Oat Cakes

We have made our own Anglo Saxon style oat cakes.

Did you know sugar had not been discovered so food was sweetened with dried fruit or honey!

We used dried apricots.


We are taking part in a sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.


We have been testing out our different skipping techniques!


We have been coding out the journeys anglo Saxon settlers would have made leaving their home countries and travelling to England.