Code breaker!

This morning we have been code breaking. We have been given calculations to calculate to break the code. Do you know what code breaker is?

Ordering decimal numbers!

This  morning we have been re capping decimal numbers and putting them into order. Then we have been given a set of numbers which include decimals, fractions and percentages and we have had to place them in order. 0.9, 22, 0.009, 5.4, 0.18. Are these in order from smallest to largest?

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been re caping on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. D0 you know what 30 percent is as a decimal?

Examples of SPaG elements!

This morning we have been looking at examples of SPaG elements. We were given a set go questions to answer and give an example. Here are some we had to answer:

Write a sentence with a proper noun

Write a phrase

Write a sentence with an abstract noun


Can you answer all the above?

To have a happy and safe classroom!

This afternoon we have been setting ourselves some goals and writing how we can achieve these as well as being successful. What goals would you set yourself?

Easter cards!

This afternoon we have all taken part in making Easter cards. We have all had a lot of fun doing. Have you made an Easter card?

Infering information from a text!

Today in literacy we were given the task to infer information from a text. We had to read an extract from a story and then infer this ideas about the plot and the characters. We understand that sentences can have suggestive meanings that are not given to the reader directly.  Can you infer extra information from your reading?


This afternoon we have all  had a lot of fun taking part in dodgeball. We all made sure we warmed up by doing cat and mouse. This is when a group of children have bibs attached to them and then the other children have to chase them to get the bibs. Then they count who has the most at the end. Do you know what dodgeball is?

Infering information from a picture!

This morning we have been given a set of pictures looking at what wonder means, looking at observation of the picture and learning that all information is going to be given in a picture. We have written notes on what a picture makes us wonder and inferring the information. What does wonder mean?

Solving reasoning questions involving subtraction!

This morning we were solving reasoning questions involving subtraction. We were given a set of questions involving subtraction problems. Can you answer the following:

David was given 10.00 pound for his birthday. David went to the shop and spent 5.50 on a toy car. How much money does he have left?