Dilemma Books – Legends

Today we have turned our legend story plans into our dilemma books.

We have used the format to allow the reader to make choices as they go along.

We enjoyed reading each other’s stories and sharing ideas!

Translations, rotations and reflections

This morning we have been looking at patterns using translations, rotations and reflections.

We used the ideas on the sheet at first before creating some of our own.

Can you spot any patterns that use translations, rotations or reflections?

Legend Stories

This morning, we have been using our dilemma book template to plan a legend of our own.

We have used to template to allow the reader to make choices. After we finished our plan we read through them to check if anything needed editing or improving.

We are looking forward to writing our legend stories!

Myths and Legends

This week we have been looking at the differences between myths and legends.

These were some of our ideas.


We used this information to create a table showing the similarities and differences. We are looking forward to planning our own legend stories this week.

Do you know any myths or legends?


This morning we have been exploring tessellation. We learnt that tessellation is a repeated pattern that fills an area with no gaps in between. Do you know what tessellation is?


This afternoon in P.E we have been doing athletics to prepare ourselves for Sports Day. Do you enjoy doing athletics?


This afternoon we all had a lot of fun taking part in swimming. We have been swimming back and forth as well as using floats to keep to each side. Do you like swimming?


This morning we have been continuing to complete our IT GCSE. We are all having a lot of fun with our learning and completing our IT GCSE. Do you enjoy doing IT?


This afternoon we have had a lot of fun planting some seeds. We planted tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and dwarf french beans. We are going to make sure we water and maintain them to ensure they are ready for the plant sale. Do you grow anything at home?

Potato investigation!

This afternoon we had a look at the potato we planted a while back. We put two different types of potatoes in soil bags. We made sure we watered and maintained the potatoes. This afternoon we checked each bag to see how many potatoes had grow. Do you know how to plant potatoes?