Maths and Literacy!

This week we have been looking through our books and the progress we have made since we started year 6. It is important to know what our aspirations are to help us to work towards achieving our job. What are your aspirations?


Making pumpkin soup!

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This morning we were given the challenge to make pumpkin soup. We worked as a group to read and follow the instructions. Then we wrote up our own step by step instruction to make pumpkin soup. Have you tried pumpkin … Continue reading


Our visit from Will Macken!

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This morning Will Macken came to see us and explain to us how to make salumi. He gave us a variety of pieces and we had to pick two to go in the salumi we were going to make. We … Continue reading

Science experiment!

In the last 8 weeks we have been learning about electricity. Today we put the knowledge to the test. We created simple circuits using a switch. Do you know how a switch works?

Features of instructions!

This morning we have been recapping features of instructions. We were able to identify and give examples of features as well as identifying SPaG elements in the instructions given. Do you know what features of instructions are?

Division word problems!

Today we have been given the challenge to solve division word problems. We know w e need to follow ‘RUCSAC’ to solve word problems. We are using our prior learning to aid us with the questions. We know too how to express our remainder as a fraction if needed. Do you know how to do division word problems?

Farming through the seasons!

This afternoon we have been given the challenge to complete an animation on farming through the season. Do you know information about farming through the season?

Identifying the different people involved in D-Day!

This afternoon in R.E, we have been looking at the statistics of those who died during D- Day. We used column subtraction and column addition. Do you know how to do column addition?

Planning a newspaper report!

This morning we used the research we carried out on D-Day. On Monday we researched the key facts and information on D-Day. We then used that information we gathered to plan our newspaper report on D-Day. We focused on our 5w’s when doing our newspaper plan. Have you done a newspaper plan before?

Recognising fractious and decimal equivalence!

This morning we have been recapping on improper fractions and mixed number fractions. We converted improper fractions into mixed number fractions and mixed number fractions into improper fractions. As well as being able to work out decimal equivalencies. Do you know what a decimal equivalence is?