Chinese corn soup!

This morning we all took it in turn to make Chinese corn soup. We all had a lot of fun making the soup. We made sure we followed the instructions step by step and used the right amount given to make the soup. Do you know what goes into Chinese corn soup?


This afternoon we all had a lot of fun taking part in swimming. We all recapped on how to get in the pool safely and we all followed instruction while being in the pool. What do you enjoy doing when you go swimming?


Today some of us have taken part in bikeability. We were shown how to check our bikes before we set off and show how to get on our bikes safely. As well learning how to do safety checks. Have you done bikeability?

Researching numerals!

This morning we have been researching numerals. We looked at Egyptian and Chinese numerals. We researched and made notes as well as looking at what the symbols were for certain numbers. Do you know what the symbol is for 1 in Egyptian numerals?

Shang Dynasty!

This afternoon we had to describe the social hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty. It included slaves, pheasants farmers, merchants, craftsmen and many more. Can you describe the social hierarchy of Shang Dynasty?

Mental Maths!

This morning in maths we have been doing mental maths where we had to work out the calculations in our head. Do you know what 300\ 6 is without doing any calculations?


This afternoon we have been using the sphero’s. We used the sphero’s and directed it around an obstacle course. Do you know what a sphero is?

Making a hundred with 4 different numbers!

As part of our early morning work we had to use 4 different numbers that add up to 100. We spilt a square up into four and put a number in each square. We had to add the two numbers in the rows and the two numbers in the columns. We were not allowed to use the same number twice. Do you know any four numbers that add up to 100?

Fractions, decimals and percentages!

This morning we have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We recapped on how to change fractions to decimals then to percentages and verse versa. Do you know how to change a fraction into a decimal?

Investigating the location of the Shang Dynasty!

This afternoon we had to investigate the locations of Shang Dynasty. We had to research places and apply them on a map. Do you know the location of Shang Dynasty?