We would like to say well done to Bastian Hernas for earning his bronze certificate. Well done for completing your Mathletics.

Editing our work!

This morning we have been editing our biography we wrote yesterday. I can identify features I have used in my writing by using my self assessment sheet. We know how to spell check our work to ensure we improve our writing. We know we need to make sure my tenses are correct throughput my writing. We are able to take a sentence and improve it by using different features. Do you know what an expanded noun phrase is?

Creating a biography!

This morning we have been creating a biography on William Shakespeare. We planned out and researched what we wanted to include in our biography. We know the structure of a biography and we know we have to use a range of punctuation. Also we know we need to include complex sentences and structure my paragraphs using TiPToPD. Do you know what TiPToPD is?

Shrove Tuesday!

This afternoon we have discussed Shrove Tuesday. As well making some pancakes using milk, flour and eggs. We used equal measurements for each and whisked it all together before we fried them. Do you like pancakes?

Good Friday

Today we learnt about the importance of Good Friday to the christian community. We discussed what happened on Good Friday and why christians celebrate it. Do you know the importance of Good Friday?

Identifying and using different verb tenses

Today in literacy we identified differing verb tenses from sentences in our writing. We then corrected (when required) our use of verb tenses to edit and improve our older work. Do you know what verb tenses are?

Testing the Properties of Materials

Today in science we investigated different types of materials and their properties. This included looking at the magnetism, transparency and flexibility of different objects.

Finding the area of triangles!

This morning we have been finding out the areas of triangles. We know the area inside a shape is the perimeter. We know the formula to find out the area of triangles as well as using the correct units. Do you know the formula for a triangle and the correct units?


This afternoon we have been planting some seeds for them to grow and we can then use in our cooking. We have planted basil, tomatoes, parsley, chives and lots more. What have you planted recently?

Editing our work!

This morning we have been editing a piece of work we completed yesterday. We wrote our own story based on a Shakespeare tragedy. We made sure we had included everything in our work. Do you know how to edit your work?