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Anglo Saxon settlements

We have been researching our local area and finding out where The Anglo Saxons settled and thqimpact this had.

We found that lots of place names we use now originate from Anglo Saxon times!

Do you know of any Anglo Saxon place names we still use today?

The Battle of Hastings

We have been researching the events of the Battle of Hastings. We created freeze frames to illustrate different scenes.

Coding – Anglo Saxons

We have been using our coding skills to create a game that can be used to share information with people about The Anglo Saxons.

We thought we would tell people about how Anglo Saxon’s lived and the clothes they wore.

Improving sentences

We have been improving sentences by adding in detail, changing the position of clauses and thinking about creating images for the reader.

The men roared.

The brave me roared dangerously.

The brave men charged into battle roaring dangerously.

The brave, powerful men charged onto the swampy battlefield roaring dangerously.

The brave, powerful, destructive men roared dangerously as they charged onto the death-scented, swampy battlefield.

Charging onto the death-scented, swampy battlefield brave, powerful yet destructive men roared dangerously to intimidate their enemies.

By Freya


We have been busy creating our own code to use in our work linked to Anglo Saxons.

We have been using tilt sensors and movement sensors.

Directional Language

We have been finding out about the countries that the Anglo Saxons were originally from. We have been using directional language and our mapping skills to plot journeys.