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Yield – machinery v human

As part of our farming award we have been thinking about whether the use of machinery and equipment on farms is a good thing or not.

We thought about how machinery can make farms safer, more efficient and can increase the yield (how much is produced).  We did see that this can mean there are less jobs for people but other jobs will also begin e.g. repairing and servicing machines. Running the machines.

Farm safety

We have been looking at how we need to be safe when working on or visiting a farm. This can include being around livestock, using machinery or leaving gates open.

We thought about the countryside code: Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Farm machinery

As part of our work on our Farming Award we have been finding out about the types of machinery used on different farms.

Some machines and equipment are specific to the type of farm they are used on e.g. which type of crop is grown, whether they need harvesting by hand etc.


Our guests

We had visitors today from Harper Adams University.

We gave them a tour of our school and talked to them about the work we do on Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat.

Plant sale!

Today we visited the plant sale.

What did you buy?


Farm visit

Today we visited the farm – we had a really good time.  We were really tired after all the running and walking we did!IMG_2064 IMG_2160  Keep checking the blog and our website for more detail.

What can we do?

These are our cabbage and red cabbage plants that we planted before the summer break.
Something has happened to these plants.
What could have happened?
What can we do to stop it happening again?

Share your ideas for protecting our vegetables.